Maple & Wattle Loyalty program

Our extraordinary loyalty program was crafted to celebrate your commitment to the magical Maple & Wattle community.

Join our FAIRYTALE FRIENDS and embark on a whimsical journey through MW Wonderland, where you'll encounter enchanting fairytale friends and unlock delightful perks along the way ❤️

As you meet new magical friends, you'll be showered with generous rewards, including vouchers, captivating gifts, and exclusive privileges!

What's in it for you?

To advance through our enchanting checkpoints, simply gather Whimsical Points, which you'll earn with every delightful purchase. As you unlock new fairytale friends, your rewards will grow, and earning points will become even more effortless!

Once you've attained a new MW Fairytale Friends level, you'll relish its benefits for an entire year! So, indulge in your well-deserved rewards, savour our latest offerings, and journey through MW Wonderland on your path to becoming the ultimate Sparkly Unicorn!

Ready to Begin Your Magical Adventure?

We're absolutely thrilled to have you embark on this enchanting journey with us.

To kickstart your adventure, we'll gift you 75 whimsical points the moment you join!

And here's a little secret: you can earn some delightful extra Whimsical Points by following and sharing the magic of Maple & Wattle on social media.

The more Whimsical Points you accumulate, the farther you'll voyage, unlocking new fairytale friends along the way. And with each new friend, come more enchanting gifts and delightful surprises just for you!!!