Scent Description

ABSINTHE: star anise, fennel, amber + woods

AMARETTO CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE: amaretto, bittersweet chocolate, buttercream + espresso powder

ANTIQUE SANDALWOOD: sandalwood + cedarwood

AUTUMN HARVEST: creamy vanilla with spice notes of clove, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon

BARBER SHOPPE: bay leaf, patchouli + cedar wood 

BEACH BUM: peppermint, orange + cedarleaf

BLACK COCONUT: rich coconut milk + bonfire smoke

BLACK SUGAR: liquorice candy + pink sugar

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS: sun ripened blueberries + warm muffin crumbs

BOHEMIAN DREAMS: raspberry, jasmine + rosewood. 

BROADBEACH:  violet, Bulgarian rose, warm vanilla + white musk.

BUTTERSCOTCH PUDDING: butterscotch, sweet cream + maple syrup 

BUTT NAKED: honeydew melon, Granny Smith apples, pears + strawberries

BY THE FIRE: sandalwood, patchouli + cinnamon

BYE BEACH: beach bum (peppermint, orange + cedarleaf) + pink sugar

CAFE IN PARIS: rich dark espresso + buttery croissant

CAIPIROSKA: lime, tangerine, brown sugar + vodka

CALYPSO: Sweet mango slices, fresh pineapple, sun ripened strawberries, peach nectar + lashings of vanilla

CAMPFIRE SMOKE:  smoky fir needle, pine cones and cedarwood

CARAMEL PISTACHIO: crunchy pistachio nuts drenched in salty caramel

CHANTILLY CREAM: whipped cream + creamy vanilla

CHRISTMAS CEDAR: fir needle, cedarwood + patchouli 

CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE: dark chocolate, ribbons of buttery caramel + creamy hazelnut. 

COCONUT HIBISCUS: island coconut + hibiscus blossoms

COCONUT COFFEE: dark roast coffee + creamy coconut milk

COCONUT MILK: fresh island coconut milk

COTTON CANDY: pink sugary cotton candy

CUCUMBER MELON: crunchy cucumber + honeydew melon

CREME BRULEE: vanilla custard + caramelised sugar

DAINTREE & DRIFTWOOD: leafy green + soft leather

DAYDREAMIN': mandarin, pineapple nectar + tropical guava 

DESTINATION: BARBADOS! coconut, lime + vanilla.

DOMESTIC GODDESS: fresh laundry on a sunny day

ENDLESS SUMMER: juicy watermelon, fresh strawberries and citrus.

FLUFFY TOWELS: clean cotton + violet

FRIED JAM DONUTS: sweet fried doughnut strawberry jam, vanilla sugar + buttermilk. 

FLY ME TO PHUKET: fresh lemongrass + zesty citrus 

FOREST FAIRY: eucalyptus + pink sugar

FRENCH LAVENDER: lavender, rosemary + vanilla bean

FRENCH TULIP: tulip, rosewood + green leaf

FRESH COFFEE: this comforting and familiar scent smells just like a great cup coffee straight from the barista!  

FRIDAY NIGHT: blackberries and raspberries, creamy vanilla + white musk

GOLDEN WATTLE: rich honey nectar blooms

HAWAIIAN HONEY BLOSSOM: hibiscus flowers, star jasmine +honey

HIGH TEA: strong Earl grey tea, citrus + buttery scones

HOLA, PUNTA CANA: a tropical medley of coconut milk, pineapple, saffron, dark rum + sugar cane

HONEY BEE MINE: sweet honey fragrance + buttery vanilla.

HONEYPOT: bergamot, honeycomb, fresh berries + creamy vanilla

HOT APPLE PIE: juicy apples, brown sugar, cinnamon+ warm, baked crust

IRISH CREAM: roasted coffee bean, oak aged liquor + whipped cream

ISLAND ESCAPE: fresh coconut, juicy pineapples and swirls of creamy vanilla

JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE: honeysuckle + jasmine 

JUST ADD VODKA: citrus, fresh picked strawberries + raspberries

KENTUCKY COWGIRL: sweet buttery vanilla + coconut bourbon.

KOKODA WONDERLAND:  bergamot, ginger, patchouli + musk

LA PETITE COQUETTE: sparkling notes of pink champagne, fresh and juicy pineapple + romantic cherry blossoms

LAVENDER STING: creamy honey + soft lavender

LEMON MERINGUE: lemon and lime, buttermilk, creamy coconut on a base of hazelnut and vanilla

LICK MY LOLLIPOP: juicy peaches, strawberries and watermelon infused with vanilla and sugar syrup

LIQUORICE MINT: black liquorice, star anise, candied orange and spearmint with added notes of malted sugar & vanilla cream

LITTLE MISS BOSSY: champagne, juicy raspberries + Bulgarian red roses

LOST IN THE WOODS: cedarwood, patchouli + fluffy towels (clean cotton + violet)

LULLABY: baby powder. sun ripened berries + amber

MANGO TANGO: sun-ripened island mangoes, pineapple + sweet peach 

MARZIPAN COOKIES: almond, sweet caramel, creamy coconut + buttery pastry

MERMAID RETREAT: lemon and lime, freshly picked berries, cotton candy, musk + vanilla

MISTS OF AVALON: blue Cypress pine, patchouli + sandalwood

MONTEGO BAY: mandarin, sweet orange, warm vanilla + coconut

MORNING BOOST: dark roast espresso, double hazelnut shot + frothy milk

NAG CHAMPA: sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk + amber

NEROLI YLANG YLANG: neroli petals + ylang ylang blossoms 

NETFLIX & CHILL: cinnamon and clove, butter cream, bourbon + dark chocolate

OVER THE RAINBOW: pink apple, candied lemon + vanilla bean

PALM COVE: frangipani + juicy oranges

PEACH & BROWN SUGAR: sweet juicy peach with caramelised brown sugar.

PEACH BETTER HAVE MY HONEY: sun ripened peaches, wild honey + orange peel

PEAR & APPLE MARTINI: French pear, pink apple, warm vanilla +  rum

PEPPERMINT CANDY APPLE: crisp apples, peppermint, sugar + spice

PEPPERMINT & EUCALYPTUS: peppermint, menthol + eucalyptus

PINEAPPLE & FRANGIPANI: sweet and juicy pineapple + tropical frangipani

PINK SUGAR: sweet berries, citrus + creamy vanilla

PINK WOODS: patchouli + creamy vanilla + sandalwood + musk

POOLSIDE COCKTAILS: strawberry mousse, coconat milk, lime juice + vodka

PLUM DELICIOUS: plum mousse, peach, strawberry + apple

RAINBOW BAY: pink grapefruit, passionfruit + pink champagne

RASPBERRY DREAM: summer berries + creamy vanilla

ROSEMARY & MINT:  aromatic rosemary + garden mint

SANDALWOOD SAFFRON: sandalwood, patchouli + saffron

SEAGRASS & WILD LAVENDER: wild lavender, seagrass, teakwood, cedar + moss

SERENDIPITY: ylang ylang blossoms, fresh berries + pink sugar

SEXY LUMBERJACK: old leather, cedarwood + patchouli 

SILVERMIST: fizzy lemon, lavender + cotton candy

SLEEPING BEAUTY: French lavender, creamy vanilla + fresh mint 

SONOMA SUNSET: papaya, pineapple mousse, mango sorbet + citrus

SPA DAY: zesty lime & mandarin + Italian basil

STRAWBERRY MILK: sun ripened strawberries, vanilla bean + buttermilk

STRAWBERRIES 'N' CREAM: juicy strawberries + fresh whipped cream

SUGAR COOKIES: warm butter cookies, creamy notes of vanilla + a sprinkle of sugar

SUN BLEACHED DENIM: coconut milk, vanilla, frangipani + amber

SURFER'S PARADISE: fizzy mandarin, ocean air + fresh lime

SURF SIDE: salt and seaweed and added touches of cucumber, moss, amber and sandalwood.

SWEETHEART: creamy vanilla, buttery caramel + toasted coconut

SWEET HOME ALABAMA: ripe Georgia peaches + buttery pie crust

TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN:  Australian florals + honey balsam. 

THE MISTS OF AVALON: blue cypress, sandalwood, patchouli + jasmine

TROPICAL SUMMER: sweet coconut, milk, fresh bananas and juicy pineapple 

TROPICAL SUNSET: coconut, pineapple, fresh mangoes and ripe berries

TYGAR'S ROAR: fruit pebbles, raspberry + peach nectar

UNICORN DREAMS: fizzy lemondrops, grapefruit + sparkling wine

UTOPIA: lemongrass, lime, cotton candy + creamy vanilla

VENUS: french pear + musk

WEDDING CAKE: white cake, confiture de lait, almond slivers + Madagascar vanilla.

WARM PERIQUE TABAC: rich, spicy, antique leather, vanilla + musk

WATERMELON LEMONADE: watermelon, lemon + honeydew melon

WILD MINT & BOURBON: freshly picked mint, green apples + warm bourbon