1. Only valid Maple & Wattle accounts qualify for the Whimsical Points Rewards program. Guest accounts do NOT qualify.
  2. You will earn 1 Whimsical Point per $1 spent on Maple & Wattle products, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Maple & Wattle reserves the right to edit/remove points at any time if a transaction does not qualify or an error occurred.
  4. Maple & Wattle reserves the right to remove points in case of a cancellation or refund. 
  5. Whimsical Points cannot be transferred, sold or given away.
  6. Maple & Wattle reserves the right to change the Reward Program in its entirety at any time at their discretion without prior notice. 
  7.  Once redeemed Rewards cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded.
  8. On discounted products Rewards are awarderd on discounted price. 
  9. Shipping costs are not included in the Reward amount.
  10. To be eligible for the "Birthday Reward" the date must be entered at least 30 days prior. Editing a Birthday to claim points will result in a ban from Maple & Wattle Reward system.
  11. Gift Cards points are awarded when the card is used, not when it's purchased. 
  12. Accounts found to be in breach of these conditions or gaming the system in any way for an unfair advantage will be barred from the Maple & Wattle Rewards Program.
  13. Maple & Wattle reserves the right to limit or disable the reward system during sales or promotions.