💗 How does restock work?

Once a month I'll restock new and old favorites on the website. Quantities are capped to the amount of product I'm able to create between restocks, this way all products will always be FRESH. Please note orders will be packed and shipped once the website closes. TAT is generally 15 days from the first of the month (the day of restock)

💗 Will the website close?

yes, I close the website approximately ONE WEEK after restock day. It will be available for browsing but no order can be placed until next restock. Once the website is closed we will start packing orders and shipping them out.

💗 How do I know when restock is?

Restock is on the 1st of each month. I recommend you to join the restock events I create on both my Facebook page or in my Facebook group 😊 this way you won't miss it!

💗 Which products will you restock?

Just after the website opens on the day of restock, I will put up a post on my social media channels (Instagram, Facebook page and Facebook group) asking for your requests for next restock. I then go over everything and start writing next month's restock list :) Once that is done I'll post snippets of what I'm creating on social media, and I'll post the full list of products and scents in my group before restock so you'll be able to plan in advance!

💗 What is your current TAT (turn around time)

all orders will be packed and shipped out 10-14 days from the day we close the website at restock.

💗 What if the product I want is sold out?

It's always disappointing to miss out on something you've been planning to get! Things sell out very fast, and it's best to fill your cart as soon as the website opens. On a positive note, this is the perfect chance to try another product or scent you didn't think about before! You will be pleasantly surprised!

💗 Can I combine shipping?

Of course! To do so you will need to join our facebook group where you will find all the required info on how to do so!