Fragrance Oil

Scent: banana taffy
Sale price$15.95


Highly concentrated and undiluted fragrance oils in our Maple & Wattle blends. They cannot be put directly on the skin and must be diluted with a carrier oil.

Use with your diffuser or add a drop or two to your wax warmer to enhance wax melts hot throw, or try a couple of drops in your mop bucket!



    Banana Taffy: creamy banana and vanilla taffy 

    Blushing Pineapple: fresh pineapple and blushing rose

    Pistachio gelato: roasted pistachio, almond cream and vanilla bean

    Spun Sugar Jam: the ultimate sweet spun sugar confection!

    Tropical Oasis: a tropical fruit medley with burst of lime peel and sticky sugar

    Tygar's Roar: fruit pebbles, raspberry and peach nectar




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