Ultimate Indulgence BUNDLE

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Looking for the perfect present? or maybe you want to treat yourself to something really nice..we got you covered!


Each bundle contains:


1 x 125ml dazzling shampoo scented in musk sticks

1 x 125ml hair conditioner scented in musk sticks

1 20ml argan oil scented in kiwi berry kiss

1 x 50ml fairy locks scented in unicorn jelly

1 x 100ml hair custard scented in fluffy pink candy

1 x 50ml body spritzer scented in rainbow clouds

1 x 50ml body souffle scented in spun sugar jam

1 x 100ml whipped soap scented in warm vanilla sugar

1 x 125ml shower gel scented in bora bora

1 x 250ml unicorn milk scented in pink sugar

musk sticks: exactly like Musk Lolly Sticks that you buy in a sweet shop

kiwi berry kiss: berry, kiwi and vanilla

unicorn jelly: grape bubblegum, cotton candy + pink sugar

fluffy pink candy: pink bubblegum, sugared candy lemon drops and Madagascar vanilla

rainbow clouds: velvety strawberries, lemon custard and whipped vanilla creme

spun sugar jam: the ultimate sweet spun sugar confection!

warm vanilla sugar: soft vanilla, white orchid, sparkling sugar, fresh jasmine and creamy sandalwood

bora bora: fresh pineapple slices, island passionfruit and acai berries

pink sugar: sweet berries, citrus + creamy vanilla




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