Bubbling Bath Salts

Size: 100g
Scent: bubblegum - blue
Sale price$12.95


Do you want a mountain of creamy, dreamy bubbles, and the benefits of a relaxing Magnesium Salt Soak? We combined the best of both worlds, to give you an incomparable luxurious product that will be a staple in your bathroom!



There are many benefits to adding Epsom Salts to your bath. 

#1 Restore Magnesium Levels
Magnesium is readily absorbed through the skin. From here it penetrates into the muscles and blood stream. Soaking or floating is an ideal way to top up your levels and promote relaxation. 

#2 Ease Stress
Taking some time out for yourself ideal for stress relief. The added benefit that epsom salt has to offer is enormous! Magnesium helps produce serotonin which is a mood elevating chemical. Found in the brain, it also boosts energy and relaxation.

#3 Relieve Muscular Cramps
Adding Epsom Salts into your bath will decrease inflammation and relieve muscular soreness. Most importantly it will minimise the effect of painful muscular cramps. The magnesium component of Epsom Salts acts a muscle relaxant. This further contributes to stress reduction by relieving muscular tension.

To Use: sprinkle our Bubbling Bath Salts in your tub while the water is running and watch the magic happening! the higher the water pressure, the bigger the bubbles!



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